Welcome to the OnPay integration documentation, this documentation is directed at anyone wanting to integrate OnPay in their ecommerce solution.

If you have any questions regarding the documentation, please contact the support where you have your OnPay solution.

Receiving payments

To receive payments you will need to integrate the orderflow with OnPay.

Payment window v3

The current recommended way to receive new payments and subscriptions is through the Payment window.

Read the documentation here

API (processing payments)

It is possible to automate most of the tasks achieved through the management panel, through the API.

v1 API specification

Read the documentation here

JavaScript SDK

SDK providing tools for implementing interactivity on webpages.

Read the documentation here

Accepted currencies

OnPay accepts the following currencies. The list is based on the ISO4217 standard.

If you have any questions regarding the accepted currencies or proposals for other currencies, please contact the support where you have your OnPay solution.

Number Code Name Exponent
36 AUD Australian dollar 2
124 CAD Canadian dollar 2
156 CNY Chinese yuan 2
203 CZK Czech koruna 2
208 DKK Danish krone 2
352 ISK Icelandic króna 0
356 INR Indian rupee 2
392 JPY Japanese yen 0
554 NZD New Zealand dollar 2
578 NOK Norwegian krone 2
643 RUB Russian ruble 2
702 SGD Singapore dollar 2
710 ZAR South African rand 2
748 SZL Swazi lilangeni 2
752 SEK Swedish krona 2
756 CHF Swiss franc 2
818 EGP Egyptian pound 2
826 GBP Pound sterling 2
840 USD United States dollar 2
978 EUR Euro 2
980 UAH Ukrainian hryvnia 2
985 PLN Polish złoty 2
986 BRL Brazilian real 2

Test data

If test mode is activated on the merchant, it is possible to use the following test cards.

Any expiration date in the future will work, as well as any CVC.


PAN Status
4571 9900 2080 0010 Accepted
4571 9900 2080 0028 Denied
4571 9900 2080 0036 Capture fails
4571 9900 2080 0044 Recurring fails


PAN Status
5019 9900 2080 0017 Accepted
5019 9900 2080 0025 Denied
5019 9900 2080 0033 Capture fails
5019 9900 2080 0041 Recurring fails


PAN Status
4687 3800 2080 0015 Accepted
4687 3800 2080 0023 Denied
4687 3800 2080 0031 Capture fails
4687 3800 2080 0049 Recurring fails


PAN Status
5204 7400 2080 0011 Accepted
5204 7400 2080 0029 Denied
5204 7400 2080 0037 Capture fails
5204 7400 2080 0045 Recurring fails

Action/acquirer codes

Some codes returned are general, while others are acquirer specific.


Non acquirer specific errors are negative

Action code Description
-1 Communication error, acquirer may not be available
-2 Unknown error
-5 ACS denied, 3DSecure verification failed

Nets / Teller

The most common action codes are highlighted here

Action code Description Approved
000 Approved Yes
001 Requires ID No
100 Declined No
101 Expired card No
102 Suspected fraud No
103 Contact acquirer No
106 Blocked due to excess PIN tries No
107 Contact issuer No
108 Contact issuer No
109 Invalid merchant No
110 Invalid amount No
116 Not sufficient funds on card No
118 Unknown card No
119 Payment method not allowed for card No
120 Transaction not permitted for merchant No
121 Exceeds withdrawal limit No
200 Declined No
202 Suspected fraud No
208 Lost card No
209 Stolen card No
210 Suspected counterfeit No
900 Approved Yes
902 Invalid transaction No
904 Format error No
909 System malfunction No
913 Duplicate transmission No
922 Out of sequence, contact support No
945 Timeout No
946 Communication error, contact support No
984 No valid conversion for a field No

Further explanation

We have tried to add explanations for the error codes, based upon previous encounters of the error. Be aware that an error code can mean multiple things, so the explanation may not be correct for the specific case.


This transaction requires further identification of the cardholder, but since it is a e-commerce transaction this is not possible.


Typically seen when a card is not allowed to be used for e-commerce, in some circumstances the cardholder need to enable e-commerce shopping in their bank. Alternatively the transaction may succeed if done with 3D-Secure


This error is seen when attempting to do recurring transactions, but where the merchant agreement with the issuer is not enabled for recurring transactions. Contact Nets to get it corrected


Has been seen where a issuer has subscribed for Visa Payment Stop Service, and exhibits that it is impossible to withdraw money on a recurring transaction.


The most common action codes are highlighted here

Action code Description Approved
20000 Approved Yes
40000 General input error No
40110 Invalid card number No
40111 Unsupported card scheme No
40120 Invalid CSC No
40130 Invalid expire date No
40135 Card expired No
40140 Invalid currency No
40150 Invalid text on statement No
40190 Invalid transaction No
40200 Clearhaus rule violation No
40300 3-D Secure problem No
40310 3-D Secure authentication failure No
40400 Backend problem No
40410 Declined by issuer or card scheme No
40411 Card restricted No
40412 Card lost or stolen No
40413 Insufficient funds No
40414 Suspected fraud No
40415 Amount limit exceeded No
50000 Clearhaus error No

Error codes

Error codes are returned when a payment window encounters an error.

Error Code Description
1 Reference supplied is already used